The Purple Queen For Real Justice! Gods way! Not mans!

im the Purple Queen here to do justice against the Corrupt Government! And against those abusive and racist dirty cops! And their so called justice system- stinks!!!! There is no justice at all by them! The real one is from God! And by his people who obey him for his laws that are right! Not theirs which is nothing but pure evil! So with me it will be different!- and much more better! As a true christian and srtvant of the lord i know his way is the best way! So as a private investigator and reporter- i will not have it it any other way- but to do it in a way no one is! The court system and these useless judges and lawyers and prosecuters know nothing about what justice really is! They are too ignorant- for that! And the way they treat us blacks is unacceptable! And something must be done about it! Its so true- no justice no peace!i am the Queen to do it- and his way- only!😃by his word in the bible!😃

The Purple Queen – for real justice Gods way!


i am fighting for real justice to be done in this wicked world! To make a big difference in a good way that is needed badly! Enough with the Corrupt Governments cruel and selfish ways against the poor and needy! This must stop! More people need to take action! And that the rich need to be more helpful and kind and giving to those who are struggling to make it out of poverty! But not enough is being done about it! And the racism by dirty cops is horrible and their abuse towards innocent victims is an outrage! And they are usually black! And young and old! Women and men who was unarmed! Thats evil and an injustice! The black panthers were trying to make peace for their people and they helped the poor more than the government ever did! And the corrupt gov tried to stop them when all they wanted was justice done for their people! The proof is on the best site in the world-! Where more corruption is exposed and more truth-is told! As a professional investigator i will do justice like no other and i will do it Gods way not mans!!! Real justice will be done with me for the innocent only!and for Gods people! and most of all for who i serve! And nobody can stop me!😃😃